Exhaust Fan Repair

                 Think your Exhaust Fan System

                              may not be working properly?


Here are some common hints that can help determine whether your exhaust system may not be working accordingly:


  • The kitchen is starting to get hotter than usual

  • You notice extra smoke inside your kitchen

  • The door to the kitchen is blowing open

  • The Exhaust hood is not creating any vacuum or ventilation

  • Their is high level of heat and humidity near the exhaust

  • Loud noises and vibrations are coming from the hood


If you notice any of these problems have your exhaust fan examined immediately. Tackling the issue now can potentially save you from huge and expensive repair bills down the line. Several things can brake and wear down over time, common exhaust fan issues include:


  • Worn-out fan belts

  • Dry bearings 

  • Burned out motor that needs to be replaced

  • Excessive grease build up

  • Water, rust, and climate damage

  • Missing or damaged access doors and panels


Our technicians are experts in diagnosing problems with your Exhaust Fan. We can also replace Vent-A-Hood fans and motors.


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