Exhaust Fan Service

Exhaust Fan Service – A broken or worn down exhaust fans can hinder and or  completely bring your kitchen operations to screeching halt. Heat and grease ventilation are the primary functions of the exhaust fan. Excessive grease buildup, worn out fan belts, and other enviromental weather factors can seriously deteriate and  slow down the performance of your exhaust fan. At Master Cleaner, we offers Exhaust fan services to solve these issue’s and keep your business running. Routine exhaust fan examination’s, grease cleaning and motor and belt service maintenance can extend the life of your system and provide you with assurance that your system is running properly.

Who do we service? We cater many different facilities and institutions including restaurants, hotels, universities, nursing homes and many others. Whether you need a general assessment or a complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning, we have the experienced staff to do the job right – the first time and every time. To learn more call  us at (323) 309-4348 or fill out a request for Here.